Launch Sites

Big Lake Launch Site
(Authorization to 10,000 feet | N61 31.8 W149 54.9 | 113′ MSL)

Big Lake Launch Site
Big Lake Launch Site
  • Take the Parks to the Big Lake cutoff/road (hard to miss, it’s signed, by the fireworks stands)
  • Follow it, stay on it, when you get to the airport on the left, you’re getting close to The South Big Lake State Park, watch for it on the right, it is kind of easy to miss but has a sign
  • Enter the park, and follow the road out onto the lake (Ice Road!)
  • Keep on truckin
  • The launch site is out on the big part of the lake, which is a few miles out on the road
  • Just stay on the road

Lake Louise Launch Site
(Authorization to 25,000 feet with windows to 50,000 feet)

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Knik Sand Bar
(Authorization to 5,000 feet)

The location marker on this map is incorrect. The correct location of the launch site is approximately 2000′ west of the Old Glenn Hwy bridge near the middle of the large sand bar.

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South Anchorage Sports Park
(Low and Mid Power Launches Only, May-Sept)

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